Divorce: Maintenance, Property and Asset Distribution

Equitable marital asset distribution in divorce is one of the key issues during a divorce since protecting your marital assets is a key concern for both parties. Other divorce marital asset distribution topics include: property division, pre-nuptial agreements, and alimony.

Equitable Marital Asset Distribution in Divorce

Equitable distribution is a term used to describe the approach to dividing property and assets during a divorce. Most states abide by equitable distribution, which takes into account several factors, such as earning power, which spouse was the primary bread winner, home-maker value, duration of marriage, age and health of either spouse, and more. While the idea of equitable distribution sounds fair in theory, there are many instances where the law, or a good attorney, will favor one spouse over the other unfairly.

Hiring a Divorce Attorney to Protect Your Marital Assets

Having a qualified divorce attorney on your side during a divorce is crucial to protecting your assets. The laws governing the distribution of marital property and assets is somewhat vague and subjective. It's important to have an attorney experienced in the nuances of these laws representing you in court to ensure you're spouse doesn't end up with an unfair portion of marital property.

Divorce Marital Asset Distribution and Maintenance Topics:

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