I worked to help put my ex-husband through school. Am I entitled to alimony from this?


My husband recently divorced me, and I am in the process of trying to get alimony. Is it possible for me to get payments to help me finish my college degree, which I was in the process of getting until we started our family?


Alimony payments can be used to help further your education. What you’re likely looking for is to get additional money to be used to pay for tuition, rather than merely using your alimony support awarded by the court. You can petition the court in your alimony request for educational support like tuition payments.

The court will likely investigate the claim and determine whether or not it would be proper to award tuition allotments in your alimony order. If you had given up your education to care for the kids, and the court believes that educational training with provide you with better opportunities to support yourself, it may be inclined to order it as rehabilitative alimony. You should speak with an experienced divorce attorney to ensure your educational rights are protected.

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