How long will it take to get a hearing date for a divorce case?


How long will it take to get a hearing date for a divorce case?


The divorce process is very different in all states. There is more than one type of divorce hearing also. There may be a temporary hearing granted soon after the petition of divorce is filed.

At a temporary hearing, important issues will be covered. For example there may be orders issued for temporary child support and child custody. The judge may have to decide who will live in the house until a settlement is reached.

Temporary child visitation may also need to be addressed. In some cases, temporary spousal support may be ordered. There is no set time limit on temporary hearings; however, they do not usually take long.

As far as a final hearing, these time periods vary a great deal from state to state. For example, in Alabama, there is a thirty day period between the complaint filing and the hearing. In Florida, it is twenty days.

In Indiana and Kansas, the final hearing cannot be sooner than sixty days after papers are filed.

In some states like Maine and Maryland, there is no time limit for a final hearing.

Other Factors

Other factors may come in to play, also. For example, one spouse may not receive the necessary summons and paper work. Until this happens, things may be on hold for some time.

One spouse may be contesting the divorce. This can drag things out for some time also. Yet, in rare circumstances, an emergency divorce can be granted.

As there are so many different factors in the divorce process, it is almost always advised to hire a competent attorney. He or she will help you through one of life's most difficult time.

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