What will cause losing primary custody of children in Missouri?

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What will cause losing primary custody of children in Missouri?


What will cause losing primary custody of children in Missouri? This is an important question if you are separating from the parent of your child. The answer is that there are a number of different factors that the court considers when making a custody determination, and there are several different custody arrangements that a court may decide upon. 

What is Primary Custody?

Primary custody refers to one parent having physical access to a child for the majority of the time. The other parent may have visitation. An example of a primary custody schedule may involve one parent having the child live with him and the other parent having visitation every other weekend. Primary custody allows the non-custodial parent more access than a sole custody arrangement, but less access than a joint custody arrangement. 

Losing Custody

Courts make custody decisions based on the best interests of the child. Most often, it is considered to be better for a child if he or she has a relationship with both parents. This means joint or shared custody is usually preferred. However, it would be possible for a parent to lose primary custody of a child, or to be limited in custody, under certain circumstances. If, for example, it is proven that one parent is not fit to provide a home for the child, or that he or she may put the child in danger or otherwise interfere with the child's best interests, then that parent's access to the child may be limited by the court. 

Getting Help

If you are involved in a custody dispute in Missouri, it is in your best interests to consult with a lawyer to protect your rights. 

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