Who is responsible for transportation for child visitation after a divorce?


Who is responsible for transportation for child visitation after a divorce?


There are many issues that arise during a divorce, especially when children are involved. One issue is transportation for child visitation divorce. If the parents are sharing custody of the child, someone will have to take that child from place to place. This can become burdensome on a parent if the distance is far, but it is of course necessary for that child to be transported somehow. 

The determination for who is responsible for transportation for child visitation after divorce may be made in one of several ways.

  • If the parents are creating a parenting plan themselves in order to present that plan to the court for approval and legal validity, then the parents should specify who must transport the child within the pages of their parenting plan
  • If the parents cannot agree on a parenting plan and the judge is deciding custody in a litigated divorce, the judge will generally address the issue of child transportation within the custody agreement.

There are a few different ways that the transportation issue may be handled, and the proper choice will depend on the best interests of the family. Commonly, the parents will switch off on transporting the child. Perhaps the mother may drop the child off at the father's house, but the father will need to drop the child back off. In other cases, the parent who is doing the visiting will need to both pick up and drop off the child at home. 

If you are involved in a custody battle, it is a good idea to express to the judge your willingness to drive your child back and forth, or at least to share the duties of doing so. One factor often considered by the court when determining custody is each parent's willingness to help the child maintain family ties. By showing you are willing to go the extra mile to do this, you can help increase your chances of getting at least an equal share of custody. 

Hiring a lawyer can also help you to ensure your custody rights are protected and that a fair custody and transportation agreement is devised.

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