How do I prove adultery in a divorce?


How do I prove adultery in a divorce?


During divorce court proceedings, a judge will want to hear more than you suspect your spouse committed adultery or cheated during your marriage. The judge will want proof. To prove adultery in a divorce you should have concrete proof that it occurred. For instance, cell phone records are good proof. Cell phone records should show that your spouse made an enormous amount of calls to a particular number either throughout the day or at night.

Photographs constitute as evidence that the divorce judge may be interested in seeing. The photographs should show your spouse and the person their cheating with together. For example, your spouse and the person can be together in a restaurant or outside the person’s home.

Correspondence such as letters, texts or emails is also considered evidence. Travel documents can also help if you can show that when your spouse traveled they were with the person they are cheating with or that your spouse’s travel plans coincided with the person’s travel.

If you can have people testify for in court on your behalf, it can be used as proof. In other words, if people such as co-workers, family members or friends seen you together and are willing to testify, then it can used as proof.

To learn more about what are somethings you need to prove adultery, seek legal help from a lawyer who specializes in cases dealing with divorce and adultery cases.  

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