Divorce Judgment

Once a divorce case has been decided, a final Judgment Of Divorce will be entered in the case.  The judgment of divorce form will describe all of the specific terms of the divorce and is legally binding upon both parties.  It states the court case number, the name of both parties, the date of the divorce, each party’s rights to certain property, and each party’s responsibilities for the continued support of the other spouse or children of the marriage.

How to Get a Final Judgment of Divorce

There are several ways to get a final judgment of divorce.  Most often a divorce judgment is entered after the parties have reached a divorce settlement that is approved by the judge or the judge orders the terms of the divorce.  Sometimes, however, a default judgment of divorce is entered when one spouse refuses to participate in divorce proceedings.  Often, a default judgment of divorce is favorable to the spouse who did participate in the divorce proceedings.

The Effect of a Final Judgment of Divorce

While a judgment of divorce form is usually just a few pages long, it has a significant impact on both spouses.  All of the information, including information about alimony, child support, child custody and division of property becomes legally binding on both parties. 

In order to revise a final judgment of divorce, the party who seeks the change would need to bring the action before a judge which can be expensive and, absent a compelling change of circumstances, ineffective. 

Legal Help Before Final Judgment of Divorce is Issued

For these reasons, it is important to seek the advice of an experienced divorce lawyer well before a final judgment of divorce is issued.  Your lawyer can make sure that all of your legal rights are honored and that you understand all of the elements of your final judgment of divorce.

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