Ways a Man Can Gain Full Custody

There are several ways that a man can get full custody during a divorce.  There used to be a time when there was almost no possible way for a man to get full custody of his children during a divorce, but fortunately, the times have changed and the law has become more fair and more open to protecting father's rights.

Getting Full Custody

The idea of custody is centered around the theme of finding the environment that is best for the child and determining which parent will be able to provide and sustain a nurturing, loving and supportive environment where the child or children involved can grow and find peace of mind.

There are some cases where a man has proven to be the more loving, supportive and nurturing parent.  This is especially seen during divorce proceedings.  If the man proves to be the more level headed, stable and supportive parent, the he could gain full custody of his children from the courts. 

Persuading the Court

The main way for a man to get full custody of his children during a divorce is if and only if he can prove that the mother of the children is a threat to their welfare and is unfit.  The notion of a parent being unfit coincides with that parent being incapable of providing a stable, nurturing, and morally succinct environment for the children to grow up in.

For example, if a man is married, and soon finds that his wife (the mother of his children) has had a series of affairs with other men, abuses drugs, and has an alcohol problem, then he has grounds to file for full custody of his children by citing that his estranged wife is morally unfit to provide a stable, and productive environment, conducive to the nurturing and proper child rearing of the children.

In other cases, if a man is going through a divorce, he may be able to prove that his estranged wife is mentally unfit to be the sole custodial provider for their children.  In this situation the husband would need to have concrete proof in order to substantiate his claim against his estranged wife.  If at all possible, he will need to get current medical documentation of his estranged wife’s mental illness.  This illness would have to be in the process of being treated via therapy sessions and prescription medication.  In this case, the court may order a medical evaluation of the mental faculties of the mother in question.

Getting Legal Help

If you are going through a divorce and need legal help with child custody, talk to a family attorney to get legal advice and guidance regarding your options.

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