Divorce Checklist For The Female Spouse

Divorce can be a scary time for a woman, for any number of reasons.  There may be infidelity on the part of her husband, or he may be abusive.  Even if there are no other problems that she is worried about, the woman may now have to consider what life will be like alone, on a single income, or as a single mother.  Before starting the divorce proceedings, a woman should try to make preparations which will help the process operate smoothly and which will allow her to move on with her life as quickly as possible. A divorce checklist for the female spouse can help.

Divorce Checklist for the Female Spouse

Retain Legal Representation

The first step for any woman who is considering divorce is to find a competent lawyer and retain his or her services.  You can find family lawyers in the phonebook or online, but if possible try to get recommendations in order to make sure you are talking to someone who is experienced and sympathetic to your situation.  You may need to consult several attorneys before you find the right one.  One side benefit of this is that the more attorneys you talk to, the less choices your spouse will have, as once you have provided information to the lawyer, that lawyer cannot take the case of your spouse after the fact, as it creates a conflict of interest.


Another step you will want to take is to speak with a financial advisor and begin to take an inventory of what property is yours and which is your husbands.  You may wish to title your car in your name, if possible, so that it cannot be taken from you.  You will also want to be sure that you have secured any financial accounts such as retirement accounts or savings accounts so that they cannot be emptied without your knowledge.  In addition, begin saving for your legal costs, as these will likely exceed whatever expectation you have for them at the onset of the divorce proceedings.

Credit and Sole Accounts

You will also want to make sure that your credit is on track, and you may need to apply for your own bank account and your own credit cards if some or all of your credit was held jointly in the past with your spouse.  If possible, try to have your name removed from accounts you share with your spouse, or have the accounts closed if you can do it on your own, because you are legally responsible for debts incurred on joint accounts if your spouse would use them to retaliate against you during the divorce process.

Insurance Considerations

Make sure your insurance needs are met- if you were on your spouses health insurance, you will need to secure your own or make arrangements in the divorce settlement to keep his coverage. Don't forget to also change the beneficiary on life insurance policies, as a divorce decree will not automatically alter that.

Getting Legal Help

An experienced attorney can help you through the divorce process and can help you make your own divorce checklist for the female spouse that is custom tailored to your situation. Talk to a divorce lawyer, actually several, and find one that fit's your needs.

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