Fast Divorce: Steps for a Woman to Expedite Divorce

If you are seeking a fast divorce, steps for a woman to expedite divorce can be very important. Sometimes people make mistakes in life and only realize much later that the decision was an error.  This can often be the case with a marriage.  When two people enter into a marriage, sometimes they figure out along the way that the marriage just was not what they thought it would be.  If you are a woman and you feel like you are stuck in an unwanted marriage, a fast divorce just might be a viable option to your marital problem; in cases where you are seeking fast divorce, steps for a woman to expedite divorce are plentiful.

Steps for a Woman to Expedite Divorce

A fast divorce is just like it sounds – it is a divorce that is processed in a short period of time. In some cases, a fast divorce is processed in as little as 24 hours without either party having to show up for court.  A fast divorce is considered valid in the United States, including in the U.S. territories as well. 

With a fast or quick divorce, paperwork may be processed in 24 hours.  The average fast divorce turn around period for paperwork processing is roughly 10-14 days.  Most fast divorces require you to travel to a U.S. Foreign territory such as Guam and stay for a period of seven days.  Two days after your initial seven day stay your divorce will be final and your finalized divorce papers will be considered valid and recognized worldwide.

Another type of fast divorce that a woman can get is one that is usually granted in Mexico.  If you are not sure where your spouse is  or if he refuses to sign the divorce papers, then you can have paperwork prepared and filed in Mexico.  You can do this online.  Within two to three days of receipt of the paperwork, your divorce will be granted.  Between 10-14 days after you file, you will be sent your final divorce papers.

The final form of getting a fast divorce that caters to women will require you to take a little trip to the Caribbean.  Your spouse does not have to accompany you.  You will need  to stay for at least four hours so that you can appear in Caribbean court.  If your spouse is in agreement with you about the divorce and signs off on the paperwork, then you could be divorced while you stand in court.  If your spouse is not in agreement then your divorce will be finalized within 21 days.

All of the above-mentioned divorces are considered valid and recognized in the United States.  The only thing that you would need to do is select which divorce you are interested in.  The fee for expedited service of these fast divorces can range from $995 to $1400. 

Getting Help

For additional information on a quick divorce, you should contact a family law attorney. Having an attorney experienced with divorce law will ensure the process goes smoothly and as quickly as possible.

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