How a Woman Can Gain Temporary Custody Of Child

There are a number of reasons why a person would ask the question of how a woman can gain temporary custody of child.  Whether she is going through the divorce process, coming out a tumultuous relationship or hoping to take custody of a child family member, the reasons for seeking temporary child custody are abundant. 

Getting Temporary Custody of Child

A woman who is going through a divorce might consider seeking a temporary child custody order so that she can have a clear agreement in place while divorce proceedings are in progress.  Temporary child custody orders grant custody to a particular party for a certain amount of time.  So if you are a woman who is going through a divorce, getting temporary custody of your children might help your case. 

Getting temporary custody of your child aids in showing the court that you are a responsible parent who provides a stable environment for her child.  Without temporary custody, both parents may have the same rights to the child.  In a case where there is a history of abuse from your spouse, you can possibly get a restraining order and present it to the court when you request temporary custody.

Court Orders and Custody

In order to be granted temporary custody of a child, you must be issued a court order.  In order to get a court order you must have a court date. The first step you should take when trying to get temporary custody of a child, is go to your local family court and inform the representative that you are seeking emergency temporary custody of a child.  You will need to have a valid reason for doing this. 

Ask the representative what paperwork you should file.  They will more than likely provide a packet to your fill out.  Should you need legal assistance while at the courthouse, depending on the state in which you live, there is usually an attorney around for a few hours offering advice on how to complete the paperwork or general advice on different types of cases.  Take advantage of this service, and get the help you need when filling out the paperwork. 

Once the paperwork is completed you will need to file it with the courthouse.  Filing paper is as easy as speaking with one of the courthouse representatives and paying any applicable fees.  Once your paperwork is filed, you will be assigned a case number and in many cases, even a court date.  Check with your local family court hotline for exact details on the procedures used in your state.

Get Legal Advice

An experienced family law or divorce attorney can provide you with additional information on how a woman can gain temporary custody of child. If you are going through a divorce, it is essential you get help from an attorney to protect your relationship with your child and to ensure a custody arrangement in the best interests of the child.

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