Mistakes Women Make During Divorce

The divorce process can be very overwhelming. As a woman, you are not only breaking your union with your husband but more importantly you are putting together all your assets to be able to support your children. With so many issues to cover, which can all be very emotionally and financially taxing, you would want to avoid some mistakes women make during divorce that make the divorce process harder than it is.

Common Mistakes

1. Taking Legal Advice from Friends

Only consult with a friend if he or she is a divorce lawyer. Otherwise, address all inquires to real lawyers.  Would you get medical advice from someone who isn’t a doctor and run the risk of misdiagnosing or mistreating yourself? To avoid conflicting information, stick to the experts.

2. Not Giving Mediation a Try and Rushing to Court

If you and your husband have moderate assets and your husband is amicable and fair, considering mediation will save you a lot of money in legal fees as well as a lot of emotional stress.  

Mediation is a process whereby a third party assists the divorcing couple in negotiating their terms so the couple can come to an agreement instead of letting the court divide up your assets for you. This is a much cheaper alternative for couples who are still civil and who can stay in the same room to discuss matters. Mediation can help the couple a lot when it comes to their decision making. 

The tendency for women who want to get the divorce process over is to rush to court, however, having a trial is almost three times more expensive than a regular divorce.

3. Hiring an Overly Aggressive Lawyer to Make your Husband Suffer.

This is a big mistake because divorce settlements are not aimed to punish anyone for his wrongdoings. Trying to hire an overly aggressive lawyer who wants to win rather than compromise can cost you money as divorce proceedings drag on, and if the court ends up dividing your assets since you can't agree, you may not get more out of the divorce anyway. Do not use the divorce process as a means for revenge. Treat it like a business deal instead.   

Finding Legal Help

The right divorce lawyer can help you understand many of the common mistakes women make during divorce and can help you to avoid making them. A divorce lawyer can also streamline the process, leading to a faster and more painless divorce.

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