One of the most important aspects in a divorce case is marital property division.  This can be one of the most combative parts of the divorce case as each side generally feels they are entitled to more. The important point to note is that this does not affect non-marital property; thus, all property acquired by either spouse before the marriage is considered non-marital property.  Generally all marital property is “equitably” divided 50-50 except in special circumstances.  Having a divorce lawyer representing you in a divorce court during these disputes will ensure that no unaccounted marital property is un-equitably granted to both side and ensure that all assets and property are divided according to the law.

Marital Property Division

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Basics of Property Division During a Minnesota Divorce

During every Minnesota divorce, there comes a time when property and belongings must be divided. This is known as division of property, and can be...

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QDRO: Employer Provided Retirement and Divorce

If you are one of the approximately 46 million private wage and salary workers in the U.S. covered under an employer-provided retirement plan, you m...

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Splitting Unsecured Debts During a Divorce

Division of assets and debts is handled differently in community property states than in equitable distribution states. In community property states...

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Equitable Distribution During Divorce

This guide may assist in answering questions you may have regarding Equitable Distribution.  We encourage you to ask other questions, as it is impo...

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Should You Get a Pre-Nup

Are you wondering if you and your future spouse should sign a Pre-nuptial agreement? There are many reasons for couples to sign a...

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401k Division in Divorce

There are many elements to a divorce that are complex and costly, but a 401(k) plan doesn’t have to be one of them.  While it must be part of th...

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Divorce and Community Property Settlement

Divorce is always a painful experience; however, one of the most difficult aspects of the process is division of property.  These issues are not g...

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Divorce with High Income and Assets

Often times in divorces, couples have high assets and incomes that they need to protect. If you need to protect your interests, your attorney will nee...

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Divorce and Foreclosure

Sometimes foreclosure proceedings and divorce proceedings happen simultaneously.  The divorcing couple may not have the money to pay the mortgage a...

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Prenuptial or Antenuptial Agreements in Michigan

In recent years, the number of couples wanting a prenuptial/antenuptial agreement have increased. These agreements are valid in Michigan, and...

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How is Debt Divided in a Divorce?

Divorce is a difficult and complex issue, full of emotional and financial pain that cannot be avoided until the divorce is complete and the property...

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Property Settlement and Assets in Divorce

There are two unique ways different states allocate ownership of marital property. In a community property state, property is considered to be owned i...

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How Marital Property Division Works In A Property Settlement Agreement

Property division is a major step in the divorce process that takes place in front of the court. When a court divides a couple’s property, as it see...

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Dividing Debt During Divorce

Divorce and debts go hand-in-hand. Most couples incur debt while they are together. In fact, many divorces stem from financial issues. Even...

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Prenuptial Agreements

Are you considering a prenuptial agreement before marriage? A divorce lawyer can help you establish an agreement that will ultimately satisfy both ...

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Protecting Your Assets in a Divorce

Division of property, including stocks, bonds, retirement money, and physical property is done by the court if the couple did not put together a prema...

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Property Division

In the case of a divorce, both husband and wife have the ability to divide property between them. One form of property division accord is a marital...

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Eliminating the Six Year Statute of Limitations

The law giveth and the law taketh did the New York State legislature when Governor Spitzer signed into law July 3, 2007...

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Divorce: Maintenance, Property and Asset Distribution

It's an unfortunate reality, that one of the key reasons to hire a divorce lawyer is to protect your assets during a divorce. Dealing with maintenance...

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