Once you have decided on filing for a Divorce, you must properly determine which type of Divorce to File for. There are many different forms of divorces that are governed by each State’s Divorce Laws. The different types of Divorces include: No Fault Divorce, At Fault Divorce, Uncontested Divorce, Simplified Divorce, Limited Divorce, Legal Separation, and Annulments. As you can see, there are several variations of Divorces so it would be advisable on contacting a Divorce Attorney to help you select the type of Divorce that is appropriate for your individual case. Selecting the type of Divorce will have a prominent influence on the entire Divorce Process.

Types of Divorce

All Types of Divorce Articles

States that Allow Covenant Marriage and Divorce

When a couple decides to enter into a covenant marriage, they agree to engage in pre-marital counseling and adhere to limited grounds when seeking a d...

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States Where Fault Divorce Still Exists

When a couple makes the decision to end their marriage, the state where they reside requires that they have grounds for divorce. They can file the d...

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Uncontested Divorce: From Filing to Completion

Uncontested divorces are the simplest way to end a marriage.  This method is best suited for individuals that either have a good working relationship...

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What to Expect in Court During an Uncontested Divorce

Many people find that the court hearing in an uncontested divorce to be anti-climatic compared to the emotional trauma they went through in making t...

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Domestic Abuse and Divorce

Domestic abuse can occur in many forms and many times leads to divorce. This can be caused from abuse inflicted on one spouse to another, possibly i...

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No-Fault Divorce

Seeking a no-fault divorce? All states now offer no-fault divorce, yet some implications are not considered grounds for divorce in certain states. A...

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Divorce Mediation: The Easy Way?

If you and your spouse have decided that your marriage is over, divorce mediation may be an option for you. What is Divorce Mediation? Divorce Media...

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Contested Divorce

A contested divorce is defined as a divorce where the spouses are unable to come to an agreement on issues such as child custody and the division of m...

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Summary Divorce

When a marriage doesn’t work for some reason, divorce is often the best option for everyone involved. And when a couple can meet certain condition...

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Abandonment and Divorce

Abandonment, also referred to as desertion, is defined as the willful and intentional act of leaving one's spouse without the intention of returning...

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Absolute Divorce

Once an absolute divorce has been rendered, both parties are able to remarry. Property division is usually split down the middle for items purchase...

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