Uncontested Divorce in Oklahoma

What constitutes an uncontested divorce?  Many people seem to think that because you are not contesting the actual divorce, means you are not contesting the divorce. If the two parties are not in agreement as to how to split the property acquired during the marriage, it is considered a contested divorce. If you are not in agreement as how to Split Custody of the children you are contesting your divorce.

Example of an Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce means, the parties have already made an agreement, either reduced to writing or not, on how to split the assets of a marriage.  For example, wife files a petition for divorce. Husband upon receiving service, signs a waiver of entry of appearance, and consents to the divorce.  Both wife and husband sign the divorce decree which includes the agreement made between the two on how to split their assets, wife appears with the attorney in Court and the Judge signs the divorce decree.  The parties are divorced upon the signing of the divorce decree by the Judge.  In Oklahoma, two people without minor children can be divorced ten days after the initial Petition for Divorce is filed.

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